Product Innovation

Our team makes a conscious effort to source product outside of the traditional industry channels in order to stay on the leading edge of innovation and deliver solutions to our clients, they just can’t get anywhere else.



We are passionate about and therefore invest in our incubator model in order to for relationships with the founders and entrepreneurs. It puts BrandVia in a very unique place within the industry to foster innovation by working with other entrepreneurs bringing cutting edge trends, technology and merchandise to our clients.

We’re more than about the merchandise. Being here in Silicon Valley has huge advantages. We are surrounded by some of the brightest minds and most creative individuals on the planet. Through our incubator model, we truly believe we offer a compelling go to market strategy that is critical for early stage companies to conserve capital and resources and have immediate access to a global distribution platform that extends to our 72 partner agencies across the globe. There is a very entrepreneurial spirit behind what we do and we’re always looking to break the mold.


Just ask a few of our more recent incubated products; Tile, Pawscout, Kardia, Lumolift, and Lacer Headwear. If you know of something we should know about, we’d love to hear from you.