A Touchy Subject

By Sam Brown

You’ve probably wondered why you see the same product on multiple websites for significantly different prices – while sometimes one provider may have better buying power than another, more often than not the difference is in the product itself.

It’s true that products may appear identical online,  in fact, they are designed by competing manufacturers to look identical so they can leverage each other’s marketing investment.  They are however different; different caliber materials, connectors, cables, capacity, ink quantity and quality, finishing detail, speed of service, quality of service, decorating capabilities, guarantees and, in many cases, safety certifications, such as those in our power banks and chargers.

Here are some of the differences we encounter on the regular:

  • Insulation factor on vacuum travel mugs – keeps the drink hot for 30 minutes or 4 hours hot.
  • Overall weight of the product feels too light/cheap compared to an original – look out for this with all those fidget spinners (ceramic and plastic look the same in pictures)
  • Ink – writes smoothly or won’t work
  • Imprint durability – scratches off with little effort or holds up under pressure
  • Seam detailing on clothing vs. single stitch
  • CPSIA certificates
  • Power banks – without UL certification vs. certified safe
  • Apple-certified connectors vs. knock offs

It’s for these reasons and so many more that we continue to invest in our Swag Studio located in San Jose, CA.  In our Studio, our team and clients can find the latest and most popular corporate gift brands along with many comparable brands to be touched, felt, weighed, and measured.  We don’t like surprises any more than you do and we get the added bonus of seeing you every once in awhile.  

Book your visit to the Swag Studio with a member of our team today and get a feel for the difference that comes when we combine the art and science of corporate gifting here at BrandVia.


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