Adobe MAX 2016: Creativity to the MAX

Adobe MAX is all about creativity and innovation, and we’re proud to have supported the past four Adobe MAX conferences. It’s always a highlight of our year!

Adobe’s goal during this three day conference is to inspire and help customers and users elevate their creativity through Adobe’s suite of products. The event is filled with educational sessions, labs, and creativity workshops designed to teach creatives the latest in skills, and trends.  Adobe MAX has impressive keynote speakers announcing the newest software and product updates.   

Given the theme around innovation and creativity, BrandVia needed to bring comparable swag. A quick glance at some of our choice pieces from Adobe MAX 2016:


The Klebebande T-Shirt

Adobe connects with artists around the world, so why not feature art from one of those very people? Hence Klebebande on a T-sh

irt this year.

Adobe Phone Stand

This Adobe Phone Stand was designed by an Adobe employee and it’s been an Adobe MAX favorite for two years. With a totally custom design, it

sold out at the 2016 Adobe MAX.

Adobe Mnemonic Pillows

The Adobe Mnemonic Pillows, which represent Adobe’s software, is always a hit at the show. Over 100 of these pillows flew off the shelves this year (more than double the amount compared to last year).

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