Be a Pop of Color

If you pay attention to the news, it paints a grim picture. So why are we are seeing a renewal in the vibrant color across retail and consumer products? Perhaps for that alone; wanting to feel good when the news suggests otherwise.

Some reports suggest that it’s our love/hate relationship with social media and the clickability of color that is driving this trend toward bright colors; an homage to the neon of the 80’s plus equally saturated primary colors for bold reds, blues, greens, purples and yellows; emphasis on the yellows. In fact, the presence of yellow on the runways has increased by 63% since this time last year. Yellow is reported to be the color of the “Next” generation. The color of happy has been claimed and the “Next” gen will own it.

There is another school of thought; that digitally-dependent Next gen with our underdeveloped people skills is the loneliest generation. That in response to this loneliness, we react by looking to connect and are literally wearing our feelings – we want to be seen so we feel understood. We wear the things that make us stand out. We wear sloganed shirts that reflect what we think, and most importantly we buy what makes us feel good. We are willing to spend more on items that make us feel good about ourselves, items that give back to the community or are sustainably sourced, and we do this in numbers unlike any generation before.

Your organization’s corporate branding doesn’t have to dictate the color of the gifts or packaging in which you present it.  However, if the gifts are indeed designed to be adopted by the end users, it’s more likely that recipients would prefer to be able to select their item color, and, if it also includes socially responsible element, well, that’s a win in everyone’s book.

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