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Promotional Merchandise Trending in 2022- BrandVia’s Delve

Promotional Merchandise Trending in 2022- BrandVia’s Delve

In the pages of this digital and print magazine, we have brought together the latest in global trends that are influencing minds today. We have searched the hottest brand launches, latest retail phenoms, and the international fashion stages to ensure your next gifting experience is nothing short of ‘Wow’ for your audience.

We’ve had the pleasure of hosting various high-energy online events this last while, using various tech platforms and engagement tools, and as we turn the page and look ahead, we feel it is time to change things up.

There has been glowing feedback on these virtual events; about the trends, the insights, the new products, and the stories we’ve shared. And with this new level of personal awareness, need for self-care, boundaries, and focus, we believe (okay, hope) that the days of multi-tasking are waning.

With that in mind, we invite you to take a moment, sit down, relax, and wander through the following pages at your leisure. Our goal was to put the great content we’ve previously packed into our live events into a more referenceable piece that you can hold onto. We hope you enjoy our newest innovation; welcome to BrandVia’s Delve.

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