BrandVia Supports Silicon Valley’s first ever Admin Awards

Silicon Valley is an epicenter of business and technological growth. We all love the tech that comes from this hotspot of innovation, but rarely do we thank the masters who work behind the scenes; the glue that holds successful companies together. We do not often get the chance to publically recognize Silicon Valley’s administrative professionals and their invaluable contributions to our communities. That is, until this year when the inaugural Admin Awards hit the Bay Area!


We are proud to be the swag sponsor of Silicon Valley’s first ever Admin Awards and can’t wait to make it a tradition. The power of appreciation goes a long way, and it was amazing to watch the finalists and winners take well-deserved pride in their work and achievements. Admins from some of Silicon Valley’s most successful companies were all gathered together in recognition of jobs well done. From Facebook to NetApp, Cisco Systems to SanDisk, we all celebrated together. It was uplifting to see everyone take pride in themselves and their peers.

Administrative professionals walked the red carpet, enjoyed an amazing meal, and had a blast in the photo booth. There were hugs, high-fives, and smiles a-plenty. Rookies and career administrative professionals alike were honored with awards and nominations, and the excitement in the room each time a winner was announced was overwhelming.


We had a blast designing and creating admin-only swag bags (sorry, executives). In honor of their special night, administrators had their own VIP check-in where they could pick up exclusive goodies, like our bright, color tote bags. Finalists even stood out with their own special colors! To remember the night for years to come, we gave each admin their own snazzy pullover. Once the show began, excitement levels were dialed up to 11 with custom star clappers.


The Silicon Valley Admin Awards will return next year and we hope that more Bay Area companies will get involved! This year, 157 administrative professionals were nominated from 75 Silicon Valley companies, but we know even more deserved recognition. This is an opportunity to recognize professionals that perform roles that often go way beyond administration – and to do so at a gala filled with your top-performing peers is a feeling and experience unlike any other. There are 9 award categories; plenty of offering to recognize your top performers!

See you next year, Silicon Valley Admin Awards!

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