Why Face-to-Face in today’s tech driven society?

In today’s technology-driven landscape you’d be forgiven for thinking the retail store is dead. But BrandVia, leaders in brand engagement, know the significance of face-to-face interaction when it comes to selecting the right purchases. That’s why they continue to invest in their Swag Studio. The showroom is an impressive 1500 foot2 innovation and exhibit space in San Jose, CA. Renewed in February and September, it houses the latest


in industry and non-industry gift ideas. The location was created to enable clients and prospects to browse recently completed deliverables from various influential businesses both from within the Bay Area and beyond. Items include corporate swag, innovative gifts and gift experiences.



Despite the fact that many businesses have moved away from showrooms, BrandVia sees the benefits in creating a physical space for their clients.


Meaningful engagement

BrandVia’s business is built on helping companies engage more effectively with stakeholders, be they employees or clients. Despite the prevalence of social media, humans still connect face-to-face and this is true of retail too. Having a showroom allows clients and potential clients to interact with their supplier, creating trust and a longer-term business relationship. Since BrandVia’s products are highly customized, it also gives clients the opportunity to discuss options in the studio before ordering.



Experiential shopping

One of the biggest benefits to clients is the opportunity to try, test and touch products before ordering. The studio is a truly hands-on experience where clients can sample a vast range of products. Since it’s not possible to demo all that’s available, BrandVia highlights the newest introductions and discoveries made by the team, in the mainstream industry and those farther-afield. The team takes great strides to bring the latest developments to the Studio. Hunting gift shows, traveling to see the newest ideas, and researching the hottest trends in retail and fashion, the team brings their expertise into one creative display in the Swag Studio.  


Increased creativity

A significant outcome of the studio experience is increased creativity. Seeing samples of the products first-hand sparks ideas for visitors, enabling them to find unique ways of engaging their stakeholders with their brand, and expressing appreciation to team members and clients. “Having a physical studio gives clients and prospects an opportunity to see well-executed campaigns that have been delivered for others,” explains Jim Childers, President, BrandVia. “It’s a space where enterprising individuals can come together.  Clients find that their visit and conversations prompt fresh ideas, which can’t help but bring about even more engaging and innovative projects. We benefit too when our clients and prospects request new gift ideas. It’s a virtuous circle.”


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