Good giveaways are those that are appreciated; either for their inventiveness, intelligent messaging, usefulness and/or humor. Despite what many may believe, “cheap and cheerful” can also be impactful when it carries a memorable message - so while perceived value may play an important role in certain types of business gifting; in other situations, message is more important than perceived value.

If you have swagger, you have a presence, a style, a vibe about you. If you were a business, we’d say it’s the organization’s persona. Like people, we believe every organization has its unique persona and so our business gifts or giveaways are designed to reflect just that - your corporate persona. When done right, we call it SWAG.

Our experience in promotional marketing tells us that people buy giveaways to engage and remain top of mind with prospective buyers, recruits, as well as existing clients and stakeholders. Whether they are used to introduce yourself, leverage a decision to commit, remind someone of who you are, or thank someone; business gifts, and promotional products are used globally. In North America, the largest consumers of swag by industry are educational institutions; with all their sports teams, new students annually, one can’t really be surprised.