Corporate Swag

Our business is the design and delivery
of engaging corporate gifts


Whether it’s a happier workforce, capturing the attention of prospects, connecting with new hires, re-engaging with past customers… our team focuses on creating brilliant corporate gifts to strengthen brand engagement with every project.

We believe that corporate swag needs to personify your corporate identity, brand and culture. Every company has its own personality and its corporate gifts need to reflect that same personality and corporate values.

While a large part of our business is creating unique branded promotional gifts, our services don’t stop there. We offer custom packaging as well as fulfillment services when you need your project to make an impression. Whether it’s wrapped and/or bundled,  or just needs a personalized hang-tag, we have a specialized team who is charged with ensuring your gifts are presented with ‘WOW’.

Don’t believe our team is committed to bringing you things outside the everyday? Take a look at the start-up products we have incubated into the market: our friends Tile, Pawscout, Kardia, Lumolift, Lacer Headwear to name a few.

We told you we are passionate about product innovation and so we go out of our way to bring new products to our clients.

Our Clients

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