Cultural Blur

We are at a point in time where once accepted ‘rules’ are bending and the norms of our parents are melting away.   You no longer have to be 50+ to be a leader or a change maker here in the US or abroad.   We no longer need an MBA to get the ear of a wise investor such is the story of Snapchat & Mashable founders.   Mentors are no longer just those with grey hair and education no longer only flows downhill.   Today we are seeing that no matter your age, education or experience; you can make change.

Age isn’t the only barrier falling away.   Where we once saw his and hers fashion, we are seeing a blurring of gender stereotypes.   Vogue UK reports, “Gender Neutrality Becomes Fashion Reality”, the blending of traditional gender lines toward a single look and color palette that applies to everyone.   Jaden Smith is known for the stance on gender neutrality in this quote “…future generations won’t get bullied for not conforming to gender stereotypes.”

Perhaps this movement is not about millennials over boomers, gay rights, or women over men, but a culmination of awareness to build an inclusive, homogeneous future – one irrespective of age, gender, and race.   In the spirit of deeper conversations and more meaningful marketing, we look forward to bringing you future trend reports.

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