If you have swagger, you have a presence, a style, a vibe about you. If you were a business, we’d say it’s the organization’s persona. Like people, we believe every organization has it’s unique persona and so our business gifts or giveaways are designed to reflect just that – your corporate persona. When done right, we call it SWAG.

With our experience we have seen all sorts of promotional products, decorated all sorts of ways, packaged, printed, shipped, hand delivered…we live to push the envelope.

We work with marketing people whose bosses didn’t have time to think about it, sales people whose companies don’t have marketing people to deal with it, VP’s who never thought about how their firm was doing it… Anyway you slice it – if you are interested in intelligent swag that carries more than your logo – we won’t let you down.

Get your brand and message heard by trusting us to provide you with wise product recommendations and intelligent messaging to reach your target and achieve bottom line impact.

Well done promotional products have the unique ability to build relationships with staff, prospective employees, vendors, customers and consumers.
Did you know that over 83% of consumers will recall an advertiser after receiving a business gift? (Research conducted by PPAI and fielded through MarketTools, Inc.)


Our experience in promotional marketing tells us that people buy giveaways to engage and remain top of mind with the prospective buyers, recruits, as well as existing clients and stakeholders. Whether they are used to introduce yourself, leverage a decision to commit, remind someone of who you are, or thank someone; business gifts, promotional products are used globally. In North America, the largest consumers of swag by industry are educational institutions; with all their sports teams, new students annually, one can’t really be surprised.

Second are financial institutions; including banks, insurance and investment firms – just think of all the events and tradeshows they give their masses of pens, calculators, stress balls and notebooks.

Here in California, we tend to serve a different type of audience than the North American norm, in our innovative, entrepreneurial and fast-paced valley, our clients are looking for just that; something innovative, memorable and useful -to solidify deals, employee engagements and strengthen the all important relationships.


$20.8 billion dollars can’t be wrong. Just last year, North American business spent over 20 billion dollars in corporate swag to convert, persuade, remind and otherwise make an impression on their donors, clients, prospects, and team members.

With the 4 top reasons for buying swag being business gifting, brand awareness, employee relations, and trade shows (together making up 50% of the market), the top selling categories are still clothing, writing instruments, bags and drinkware. Does it work? $20B and growing, indicates that while harnessing the power of social media is the current hot topic in marketing, that 1:1 business gifts remain a key element to building relationships.



Good giveaways are those that are appreciated; either for their inventiveness, intelligent messaging, usefulness and/or humor. Despite what many may believe, “cheap and cheerful” can also be impactful when it carries a memorable message – so while perceived value may play an important role in certain types of business gifting; in other situations, message is more important than perceived value.

  • i.e., the laptop sticker: many a laptop has fallen prey to stickers;
    perceived value $0 while number of impressions is in the thousands
  • However, used at the wrong time with the wrong person, that same sticker might end up in the trash.

All this to say that just like Holiday gifts, business gifting is very subjective. One needs to know who is getting the gift, how you want them to feel about the giver, what’s the expected outcome and for the detailed giver, how it’s going to be packaged and presented to ensure it demonstrates thoughtfulness.

Don’t suppose either of these movie houses mind these roaming around…



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