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First Impressions- Reduce Churn + Increase Employee Engagement

First Impressions- Reduce Churn + Increase Employee Engagement

An employee’s onboarding experience sets the tone for their career development. For employers, it’s a great opportunity to win new employees’ hearts and minds. It‘s not only a window to give them information about the company, but a chance to share stories about the company’s values, vision, people, and history.

Adding an onboarding gift to this onboarding experience brings the brand to life. Where some organizations set the bar with great onboarding experiences, it requires every organization to rise to the occasion or risk creating disappointment with the new hire from the outset.

Make Them Feel Welcomed

Starting a new job can be exciting, nerve-wracking, intimidating, or even relieving for some – the list really goes on. Aside from providing them with all the tools they need to deliver on the job, it’s also equally important to ensure they feel welcome at your organization. Introduce them to the team. Get them hip to the company culture. Invite them to any upcoming social events with co-workers. How you treat and connect with your new hires within their first-year matters now more than ever for retention and engagement. A successful first year can increase the chances of employees staying with the company beyond the average job tenure and get them acclimated to your culture and goals early on, setting everyone up for success. A wonderful way to extend that olive branch is by gifting them branded merch – it’s a subtle reminder that they already belong and that you’re happy to have them! 

Build Genuine Loyalty 

First introductions can be awkward, especially given the challenges of those working remotely, but the payoff for having a memorable first-year experience is worth it. Be conscious of the engagement struggles each new hire faces at any job during the first year and be proactive about them. This is yet another opportunity to provide incentives through branded merchandise, online shops, and virtual engagement tools. Online shops can be used to address multiple audiences such as employees located in different regions and we can design and deliver quality, retail brand merchandise that is readily available for your new hire to pick their gift of choice and have it delivered right to their doorstep. Whether your onboarding process is in person or online, you can reward attendance by connecting with your audience on their phones via SMS, QR codes, and email using our engaging mobile solution. Providing some compassion, feedback, and timely recognition will help you build genuine loyalty in no time. 

Take Advantage of Visibility Opportunities

Promotional products and on-point messaging has the opportunity to reinforce your companies’ mission and values and build trust. As visibility becomes increasingly important, buying merchandise with your company logo or name creates an object that travels with your employees. That branded bag that they carry to the office or client meetings, or the water bottle they use at the gym, or even pens since it is common for them to be borrowed and rarely returned, so your brand’s logo is seen by newer eyes without your knowledge! This effect can be extremely useful when it comes to marketing and brand recall. 

Our team put together a timeline of a typical first year of employment, highlighting the major engagement and recognition opportunities that every organization should be considering. It is our hope that our First Year of Impressions Guide sparks ideas for you and serves as a reminder that we are always available to help you create memorable one-of-a-kind experiences.