Fulfillment Associate


Fulfillment Associate


Fulfillment Associates will support the client fulfillment operations at BrandVia. They are responsible for ensuring that our customers receive the “Best Experience” by providing timely, quality, safety and OTD of our products. They must be meticulous, detail oriented individuals who have a positive, can do attitude. The individual should be passionate about our mission of bringing quality products and services to our customers. The position will report to the Distribution Manager.


  • Perform a variety of functions that supports the fulfillment of customer orders
  • Meet and exceed productivity standards while working safely, adhering to quality
  • Standards, and adhering to policies and procedures
  • Handle multiple tasks in a high-energy, fast-paced environment
  • Take an active role in creating a positive and enjoyable work atmosphere
  • Keep fulfillment center and work area neat and organized at all times
  • Communicate effectively in a team environment
  • Must maintain good attendance
  • Perform other duties as assigned
  • Must be highly organized and meticulous, with high attention to detail
  • Must be friendly and polite with a professional work ethic
  • Must be flexible to work in different job functions
  • Must have a customer service attitude
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Efficient time management capabilities
  • Positive, can do attitude


Proven organizational and time management skills –

  • Utilize professional and appropriate system to organize day and related tasks
  • Solid management of each working day, ability to prioritize projects
  • Accomplishment, or appropriate delegation, of daily tasks
  • Foresee schedule and be proactive to planning for all tasks
  • When out of the office leave all projects and responsibilities in order while away (i.e. appropriate documentation, outline, delegation, and assessment of tasks to be done while you are out)

Manageability and cooperation –

  • Be trained by supervisor in efficient and cooperative manner
  • Adapt to company and/or department changes with positive professional behavior
  • Approach supervisor in productive manner when faced with work or client related issues

Good communication skills –

  • Outstanding verbal communications skills, ability to listen, give good suggestions and handle objections as they are presented to you.
  • Outstanding written communication skills in both writing and in email. Demonstrated professionalism both in format and grammar of written communication.

Demonstrated leadership skills –

  • Maintain professional behavior when communicating with peers, vendors and clients
  • Provide solid suggestions to peers based on your experience
  • Step in and cover when peers are out of office
  • Be solutions oriented – this includes approaching supervisor with issues and recommended solution, rather than issues alone
  • Appropriately direct discussions of peers regarding job related issues to supervisor without fueling fire or creating negativity among staff
  • Demonstrate positive professional behavior towards company and division 24/7, show support for company decisions, managers and peers

Proven customer service skills –

  • Coordinate and manage meetings with your supervisor to include agenda creation, follow up with post meeting report and ensure all action items are completed
  • Think on feet when working with your internal and external customers
  • Excellent problem solving capabilities, without having to rehash issues, or point finger of blame, just work toward solutions

Outstanding team player –

  • Be attentive to every team’s work load and assist where you can, proactively
  • Participate in staff meetings with helpful and productive suggestions and information
  • Be flexible and willing to help out in any area of the company, even when not directly related to your job description

Multi-tasking experience –

  • Specifically with multiple projects/deadlines
  • Manage multiple projects and deadlines without negative affect on quality of work

Ability to follow and respect company policies and procedures –

  • Specifically related to time in and out of work – important to be to work on time.
  • Manage schedule so as to not work extensive overtime
  • When it is necessary to work long hours, ability to do so with positive professional behavior and demonstrated dedication to position and client


While performing the duties of this job, the employee is frequently required to do the following:

  • Making conscientious safety decisions at all times.
  • Consistent physical activity including bending, stooping, twisting and prolonged periods of standing.
  • Pushing, pulling, lifting overhead of objects is required.
  • Perform some repetitive motion activities.
  • Coordinate multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Able to lift 50 lbs. for extended periods of time.




  • High School diploma and a minimum of 6 months of experience or training, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Proficient on Microsoft Office programs

The above noted job description is not intended to describe, in detail, the multitude of tasks that may be assigned but rather to give the associate a general sense of the responsibilities and expectations of his/her position. As the nature of business demands change so, too, may the essential functions of this position.