Gift Experiences

We believe that presentation is just as important as the gift itself.  Planning a corporate event or company retreat?  Our expertise in ‘WOW’ will leave a lasting impression on your guests.   Our team works with you in selecting and designing a fitting collection of gifts in line with your theme.  Once selected, choose between having our engaging team come on-site to serve your guests and fit them perfectly with your curated gifts, or having us drop-ship them directly to your event.  We look forward to developing your customized gift experience.

As a trend leader, we work with emerging brands to bring you what’s relevant today.  Our Relations team is responsible for nurturing over 300 existing name brand partnerships, such as Toms, Under Armor, North Face, Smith Optics, Bowers & Wilkins, to bring you the confidence and quality you need in a gifting experience.  Our team knows what it takes to pull off a high impact gift experience.  Let our experience be your leg-up in planning your upcoming event.  Whether its a themed event around sports, travel, food, the beach, the West, a music event; our team looks forward to finding the perfect gift experience to make long lasting memories.

Want to talk to someone about planning your customized gift experience?

A few of our Brand Partners