Gifts for the Season

At BrandVia, powered by Halo, our team creates gifting experiences for all the feels.

Adweek tells us that fall 2022 is shaping up to be the first holiday shopping season since the Pandemic where people will feel comfortable gathering in person. But it’s not going to be like the pre-2020 holidays; our priorities have shifted and habits have changed. According to AdWeek, 80% of buyers have opted for a different brand than their usual choice.
It seems that the past two years have given us the gift of reflection, and companies today are gifting in line with this new way of thinking. Bye-bye thin polyester blankets, hello fair-trade cotton & quality blankets built to stand the test of time. So long disposable plastic trinkets, welcome ethically made and fair-trade useful products. Goodbye throwaway tech, aloha high-quality crafted products.

The following pages showcase a few of our latest items for Holiday 2022 that will make both you and your recipients feel oh so good; whether by their luxurious feel, the quality craftsmanship, the ethical manufacturing, or the giveback component.

We hope you enjoy our Cool Yule collection ‘22.