Retail Store Associate

San Jose, CA


Our ideal candidate is great with customers has a winning attitude and expectation of success. They are enthusiastic, responsive, upbeat, confident, self-motivated, and focused on customer satisfaction. Often they will need to work independently, however this position is connected to our headquarters team a few miles away. Being a team player and willingness to pitch in at all levels is extremely important.


  • Retail and customer-interface experience is key
  • Point-of-Sale (Square) equipment experience, including handling returns/exchanges
  • Cash management and balancing a register
  • Visual merchandising experience to create effective item displays
  • Cheerful, courteous, helpful attitude with all customers, every time
  • Excellent communication and problem-solving skills
  • Effective listening and questioning skills in helping customers shop
  • Ability to learn and convey product features/pricing for a wide variety of items
  • Understanding customers’ immediate need and matching product to those needs
  • Work within the culture and rule-set of the client’s campus
  • Understand client’s brand guidelines and marketing initiatives. Keep internal teams updated with any new initiatives
  • Build rapport with supporting client staff: mailroom, etc.
  • Can operate and transact quickly and accurately especially during peak hours
  • Work closely with customers to develop relationships, understand their overall needs and solve issues
  • Develop strategies designed to enhance the shopping experience
  • Seek to streamline the transaction and shopping process for ease and customer satisfaction
  • Occasional event support at client site and annual inventory; which can be outside of normal working hours
  • Restocking, re-folding and organization of the storage room
  • Communicate inventory status and stock need to Store Manager
  • Place re-orders for merchandise as stock levels dictate, interface with customer service
  • Lifting and moving boxes up to 35 pounds on occasion
  • Proficiency in standard Microsoft Office applications: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, as well as email, etc.
  • Maintains and conducts themselves in a professional manner at all times
  • Be open to supporting the Store Manager with reorders and other tasks, as needed.


  • Proven organizational and time management skills
  • Flexibility
  • Communication proficiency
  • Collaboration skills
  • Customer/client focus
  • Technical capacity

Good communication skills –

  • Outstanding verbal communications skills, ability to listen, give good suggestions and handle objections as they are presented to you.
  • Outstanding written communication skills in both writing and in email. Demonstrated professionalism both in format and grammar of written communication.

Demonstrated leadership skills –

  • Maintain professional behavior when communicating with peers, vendors and clients
  • Provide solid suggestions to peers based on your experience
  • Step in and cover when peers are out of office
  • Be solutions oriented – this includes approaching supervisor with issues and recommended solution, rather than issues alone
  • Appropriately direct discussions of peers regarding job related issues to supervisor
  • Demonstrate positive professional behavior towards company and division 24/7, show support for company decisions, managers and peers

Proven customer service skills –

  • Coordinate and manage meetings with your supervisor to include agenda creation, follow up with post meeting report and ensure all action items are completed
  • Think on feet when working with your internal and external customers
  • Excellent problem solving capabilities, without having to rehash issues, or point finger of blame, just work toward solutions

Outstanding team player –

  • Be attentive to every team’s workload and assist where you can, proactively
  • Participate in staff meetings with helpful and productive suggestions and information
  • Be flexible and willing to help out in any area of the company, even when not directly related to your job description

Multi-tasking experience –

  • Specifically with multiple projects/deadlines
  • Manage multiple projects and deadlines without negative effect on quality of work

Ability to follow and respect company policies and procedures –

  • Specifically related to time in and out of work – important to be to work on time.
  • Manage schedule so as to not work extensive overtime
  • When it is necessary to work long hours, ability to do so with positive professional behavior and demonstrated dedication to position and client


  • Retail store – professional


  • Two + years of retail experience or customer service
  • High School diploma

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