Product Innovation

Kardia by AliveCor -Peace of mind in your pocket with a medical-grade EKG anytime, anywhere.

Being part of the Silicon Valley community has huge advantages;  we are surrounded by some of the brightest minds and most creative individuals on the planet. Through our incubator model, we believe we offer a compelling go to market strategy with immediate access to our global distribution platform that extends to our 72 partner agencies across the globe.

Our sales team is continuously sourcing product outside of traditional industry channels.  We know what it takes to stay on the leading edge of innovation and deliver engaging gifts to our clients.  The product and presentation need to be fresh, relevant and ahead of the mainstream with products that sometimes you just can’t get anywhere else.

Rebound Tag - A powerless bag tag combining 4 of the latest tracking technologies, offering airport integration globally.

Just ask a few of our more recent incubated products and retail brands; Rebound Tag, Pawscout, LAMY,  TheAVE Los Angeles, Sugarfina, Tile, Kardia; we are passionate about bringing the new to market.  We invest in seeking out the genius products of tomorrow.

Lamy - German writing instruments

TheAve LA - Customized stylin' kicks worn by many LA somebodies

Sugarfina - Sweet Treats for Grown-Ups