Virtual Events & Mobile Engagement

Virtual Events for the Road Ahead

Whether it’s engaging programming, an on-theme gift kit, or a meal to share during your virtual event; we have what it takes to engage your audience, no matter where they are.

Mobile Engagement

This engaging tool allows you to connect with your audience on their mobile device via QR, SMS and email.  It allows you to create an interactive experience & reward online attendance; optimizing interactivity and customer engagement through video content, rewarding team members for their contribution, or simply collecting WFH contact information so you can stay top of mind.

Take yourself through one of our many demos below and see how we drive people to online events, websites, e-stores, increase the stickiness of webinars and virtual meetings.  Ask us about how we can launch the perfect one to meet your objectives.

Spin Wheel
Scratch & Win
Match & Win

Text BV1 to 40691 to view on mobile device.

Text BV2 to 40691 to view on mobile device.

Text BV3 to 40691 to view on mobile device.


Digital Event Program


The Digital Event Program is an added incentive to the participant of the digital events or webinars. The presenter provides the Keyword/Shortcode to attendees prior to the event starting. At the conclusion of the presentation, the presenter announces the Event Password on the registration page. Once the attendee enters the correct password, they’re sent to the game play page to participate in the Instant Win promotion. An optional survey can be added to measure the digital event effectiviness.

Demo Instructions

Click on PLAY NOW. The next page is the registration page and the input field for the Event Password (annouced at the end of the presentation). Click on the SPIN NOW button, press all buttons in the program to experience the complete user flow.

Spin Wheel QR Code
Scratch & Win QR Code
Scratch & Match QR Code

Virtual Events

Simply put attendees are encouraged to attend sessions in order for a chance to win gifts.  Either during presentations, or at the end the presenter announces the “Session Keyword” and attendees participate to win prizes, and/or entries for a possible grand prize.

Try it for yourself;

  • Interact with the demo or scan the QR Code to view on your mobile device.

Employee Spot Recognition

The Spot Recognition Program is a salesperson/employee rewards tool allowing leadership to send gifts to instantly recognize & reward recipients for their outstanding performance.

Managers access the organization use a simple portal that can be integrated into your existing intranet/infrastructure, or can simply text a designated keyword to a short code (5 digit number) to recognize someone.  Easily configured on a per-manager basis to control the number/value of gifts awarded.

Try it for yourself;

  • Text spotbrandvia to 40691 to access the program on your mobile device (this is an alternate way of activating the same program).
  • Enter your mobile number in the “Employee Mobile Number” input and press SUBMIT.
  • Interact with the live demo or scan the QR Code to view on your mobile device.

Survey & Win

Increase engagement, gather information and capture leads.

Try it for yourself;

  • Interact with the live demo or scan the QR Code to view on your mobile device.


Tradeshow / Event Booth Driver

Supported through social media or other advertising channels, launch a campaign announcing the call to action and the prizes to be won by entering the mobile contest or driving them to physically attend an online store, event, or booth space.

Try it for yourself;

  • Interact with the live demo or scan the QR Code to view on your mobile device.



Press the PLAY NOW button to experience the interactive demo.

You may play through and do not have to complete any forms.

Location-Based Program

A tablet or mobile phone based instant win/sweepstakes promotion designed to incentivize people to visit a store location for a chance to win. Instant win prizes are awarded throughout the week and participants can receive entries into a weekly or monthly sweepstakes.

Try it for yourself;

  • Enter your mobile number on the phone screen to the left and press SUBMIT.


  • WIFI enabled tablet or mobile phone (optional LTE enabled tablet or mobile phone can be used at an additional cost for network access).
  • Power source.
  • Small footprint area.