What does a Plane Full of Swag Strategists look like?

From January 8 – 12, 2017, the sales team from BrandVia attended North America’s new product launch expo, on the hunt for new products, new campaigns and new approaches to stakeholder engagement. With product innovation at the core of our business, this annual event is the rally for the year ahead.  Skucon 2017

Our team gets together at the end of every day to share our favorite finds in order to narrow those hundred or so items down to our top 20 picks, which we will reveal at our biggest client event of the year, Reveal 2017.    

Reveal is an invitation-only open house-like event where we highlight our favorite pictures from this event, along with a case study showcase of hot projects from the past year. These case studies give our clients insight into what some of the top firms in the Bay Area are doing to attract, engage and recruit their talents, stakeholders and clients. Reveal 2017 is hosted at our head office showroom in San Jose.  This year’s Reveal runs February 21st through March 10th. For your invitation, please reach out to marketing@brandvia.com.

So just what does a plane full of swag strategists look like?  You’d have to ask the flight attendants…we were all so tired, we didn’t wake until we touched down back in San Jose.

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