Custom Backpacking

NetApp INSIGHT 2018, a hugely popular mainstay for NetApp Users and clients alike, wanted to give away a backpack to event attendees. With over 6000 guests and clients like Salesforce and Oracle, this backpack had to be innovative, eye catching, and memorable.

They wanted to interweave the data fabric theme in to the giveaway and distribute 3200 in Las Vegas and 2800 in Barcelona.  Rather than decorating a stock product, we worked to develop a completely custom gift; from the zipper pulls, to the added plush interior of the pockets to help protect those previous tech tools.

With the freedom of starting from scratch, we were able to pick the best parts of our favorite bags and compile them into one design that created one fitting backpack.  We could liberally integrate the data fabric theme effectively promoting our clients brand in a mosaic pattern.