Elastic Data Company

With an upcoming Sales Club trip to Hawaii, we knew how important it was for the the Sales Executive and spouses to feel special in obtaining this win for their hard-earned efforts during the year. Our client wanted to ensure their guests had an unforgettable trip, after all these guests had earned this trip by stretching to their goals and targets.
As for gifts, we focused on quality that could be used during the trip that would also nicely showcase the client’s colorful brand. We wanted these guests to feel pride in using these gifts while at the pool, the beach or out on the town. Numerous hotel guests commented on the water bottles around the pool and took notice of the flip flops with the logo in the sole.

“The beach was subtly bathed in the corporate brand with all our guests leaving the logo in the sand as they walked.”

In addition to being able to provide our client and their guests with these winning gift packages, we also determined that in previous years the client had to put all the bags together by themselves – consuming hours of time in breaking down boxes and putting it all together. The time savings in having BrandVia assemble the gifts, including personalized tags for each recipient allowed our client to free themselves for other things.

“The bags are absolutely awesome and everyone loves them! We know our team will be talking about the trip when they get back, which will be sure to inspire the next round of sales executives to reach their quotas and earn the trip next year.”