Global Gifting

The LinkedIn Global Talent Acquisition Program wanted unique gifts for their candidates that signed offer letters and were accepted into the company. BrandVia decided to combine branded swag and food for a fresh and memorable gift right out of the gate that LinkedIn candidates could receive quickly and enjoy for days. Elaborate gift baskets with five different selection brackets were created, so the baskets were scalable to any candidate level.

Branded swag included corkscrews, wine glasses, a beer flight set, water bottles, and executive gifts. Food items revolved around beer, wine, coffee, chocolate, and VIP and used local products all packaged in a reusable container. The gift baskets were on the Global Talent Acquisition Program’s microsite and were ordered when the candidate signed their offer letter. With respect to the hiring process, BrandVia ensured that orders were shipped in 24 hours and over 300 baskets have been shipped since February 1st!