Interviewing to Onboarding

This project is a complete “White Glove” experience from start to finish for potential Samsung recruits.

We start with the first step of the process – the interview.  Interviews are very intensive and typically last a full day, so we provide a trendy gift bag including a webcam cover, notebook, granola bar & waterbottle. The goal is to provide the interviewee with everything they need.

Once they formally accept their offer letter, we ship a gift box to the new hire’s door.  Each item inside is hand selected to represent one of Samsung’s core values along with a letter explaining each value.

On the new hire’s first day, we present them with a backpack and mug that they could utilize throughout their career at Samsung.

After 30 days on the job and the completion of training, all new hires are invited to a company Happy Hour where they are all presented with “Class of 20XX” shirt to commemorate the completion of their training.

The program is currently expanding to other Samsung campuses including Europe and Asia.