Linking the Globe

With privacy requirements being a hot topic, LinkedIn wanted to create a desk drop to ensure their employees were all well informed.  This idea took form in the shape of a company-wide journal, designed to carry LinkedIn’s privacy principles, as well as the vision, mission, culture, and values of the company.  Of course, for a company like LinkedIn, company-wide also meant world-wide.

One would think to do one bulk order and ship it globally, however shipping around the world would be incredibly high due to the weight of product.  Each journal would also have to be custom created in the specific language of each region.  These problems presented room for a new solution.

Instead of producing the journals and distributing them globally, our team arranged a local production. LinkedIn embraced the idea and, in working with our IGC partners, the journal project quickly came to life. The design and visuals of the journal would be intuitive and streamlined for every language to easily customize to. The entire process would be targeted towards working in any country and any language.

In the end, the privacy journals were each created locally in their region and produced in five languages: English, German, French, Portuguese, and Mandarin.