Nothing But Net

On August 28th, Bon Appetit Management Company hosted an event for the Golden State Warriors at Foundry & Lux. Bon Appetit wanted an on-demand, on the spot, apparel decoration screen printer for the event, along with badges for guests.

BrandVia went to work in order to set Bon Appetit up with a fun and interactive on site screen printing service, compliments of The Ave. Guests were able to pick from three designs, two different colorways, and individual sizes when using the screen printer. Once the design was chosen, the T-shirt was made on site in a matter of minutes! This allowed our guests an on site, in depth view of how screen printing works and how T-shirts are made. In addition to providing the screen printing, we also designed event badges that were worn by guests and made by a local printer.

With their event badges on, a few lucky BrandVia employees got the chance to network with our clients, meet multiple other vendors on site, and take exclusive photos with the Golden State Warriors NBA championship trophies! A winning roster of food and beverages was provided by Bon Appetit and the event was a slam dunk among attendees. On all accounts, the celebration for Bon Appetit’s partnership with the Golden State Warriors was nothing but net!