Rebranded was looking to rebrand as In order to navigate this change, Inside Sales Team needed a product or package that would introduce the brand to prospects and top clients. This gift was to be distributed to several high-profile organizations in the sales software space, and like any piece of branded merchandise, it needed to make a statement; and so our team got to work conceptualizing ideas that would tell the story of their rebranding.

In the end, got a good-looking “Alleyoop” backpack, a timeless pair of sharp custom socks and a very practical technology gift in the Phone Finder. All these items were wrapped in sleek brand-coordinated packaging that aligned with the company’s core colors and reflected Alleyoop’s new corporate persona; sales, marketing, technology, automation and creative thinking. Our Marketing Solutions team kitted and shipped the finished gifts to each recipient for a personal touch and made life easier for our friends at Alleyoop.