Engaging Remotely

#Zovio is an education technology services company that helps everyone be in a class of their own by creating personalized educational opportunities. Whether it’s finding and enrolling students or optimizing learning solutions, their approach delivers change that matters. So, it’s no surprise that with this now entirely remote workforce, the innovators at Zovio were ahead of the curve in looking for ways to connect with their people, no matter where.

#Zremote was a collaboration between the BrandVia branding artists and the @ZovioSolutions team. Working together on what started as a t-shirt project to maintain the team’s sense of community, #Zremote grew into a full-grown kit. Each piece within the package was selected to help the organization continue performing at their best while they were working remotely, given the at-home distractions.

Whether it’s the always stylin’ black T, the webcam cover, or the door hanger to keep ‘unwanted’ visitors out, this kit made an impression. Zovio included their Quick Start Guide, to enable their loyal employees to easily refer someone impacted by current unemployment trends to the Zovio team. This company is a people-first organization. Check out the hiring page https://zovio.careers/careers/ for more on Zovio and their plans for the future.