Rockstar Admins

On April 26th, 2018 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, roughly 400 attendees took part in the prestigious Silicon Valley Admin Awards to honor administrative excellence. Companies from around the valley, from Cisco, LinkedIn, Synopsys, and Google, came to participate in the festivities. BrandVia, a sponsor of the awards, decided to recognize each finalist with a special gift before the evening, with our Admin’s Rock swag kit.

These kits included budsies bluetooth earbuds, an accessory/jewelry wrap, a 4,000mah charger, an elegant to-go cup, along with a USB-powered diffuser and stress-reducing essential oils all kitted into a personalized dopp kit. Each item was monogrammed and included quotes like “Relax Rockstar, You’ve Got This”, so recipients felt like true rockstars!.