Silicon Valley Admin Awards ’19

As the Gift Partner to the Silicon Valley Admin Awards, we wanted to appreciate the rock star finalists and recognize them for all they do. This year we sent the finalists a relaxing rejuvenation gift kit.  For these amazingly solid, reliable team members, we opted for a marble theme in the packaging and a matching notebook with our little message; “Solid as a rock”.

In the set we included a soft turkish towel with the message “Relax, you’ve got this”, and if you are going to gift a towel, then bath bombs are a must; decorated with a personalized message “You are the bomb”, topping it all off with a little sweet treat, a package of chocolate-coated cookies for them to truly treat themselves with after a long day off.

We wanted the color palette to represent the relaxing theme and message of the gift kit but added a pop of color in the Admin Awards colors, the pink and purple.  This was showcased beautifully in a bottle and through decoration on the cookies themselves!  We sent the gifts out to 38 finalists the day of the awards ceremony.