Silicon Valley Admin Awards 2018

In our inaugural year as the Gift Partner to the Silicon Valley
Admin Awards this year, with a beer budget but champagne
taste, we found the perfect finalist gift: working with Swarovski
to design and manufacture gorgeous custom bling. The intent
being to change the stone color every year and create a

Presented with the above pictured romance card, suggesting
our Admin Finalists were ‘heroes’ themselves, the bracelet was
offered in their choice of white, rose or yellow gold, along with
a leather card wallet option for those whose were not bling

As a sponsor of the event, BrandVia also wanted to individually reach out to the finalists themselves with a gift that would be appreciated by hard-working, schedule-juggling administrators who rarely have time for themselves in taking care of the needs of others…and so our team developed this Admin Rockstar gift, personalized with the initials of each of the finalists and sent by courier the day prior to the awards event.

“Oh my gosh…thank you so much.  Coolest set of gifts I have ever received.
I’m about to head out to the awards dinner…

a little nervous, but mostly excited!
With sincerest gratitude, E”