Sprig – Gifts & Golf

Last April, Sprig wanted to recognize their hard-working administration for successfully executing the sponsorship. Once again, Wayne was consulted. Wayne scheduled an appointment in BrandVia’s Swag Studio and pulled together a collection of desks items that would do two things: be useful and make them feel special. The result was a succulent presented on their desks with a red bow and a hand-written note from their boss as they came into work.

Sprig boasted about this gift in an Instagram picture, complete with the succulents, bow, and note. The caption read “Our #administrativeprofessionals work HARD. Today is THEIR day to be recognized and appreciated!”

Thank to Wayne’s hard work, Sprig’s employees and the attendees of the Management Banquet and Golf Tournament could say it was their day too.

After the success of their Admin Day, Sprig participated as a sponsor in an annual college recruiting Golf Tournament in June.  This was the Cal Poly SLO School of Construction Management Banquet and Golf Tournament.

This was Sprig’s third time sponsoring the annual event, which includes faculty, students, alumni, and event sponsors. In addition to sponsoring the event, this year marked the first time Sprig would be a Swag Bag provider. As a result, they decided to enlist a professional contact with years of experience that could assist them in providing Swag Bags. Wayne Harding, an account executive at BrandVia, was the perfect person for the job.

Sprig needed great ideas that would maximize their exposure, not only that day, but beyond as well. Sprig wanted to keep everything within a budget and Wayne was able to work within those lines to offer a solution that would awe Sprig, the tournament, and the respective attendees.

After listening to what Sprig was trying to accomplish, Wayne provided a trendy, camouflage-colored, draw string bag with the company name across the front.  This promoted Sprig and increased their brand awareness while also acting as a convenient and stylish storage unit for attendee’s during and after the event.  Inside the bag were ball markers, a Koozie cup, a pack of Sprig golf balls, and a golf T-Shirt.

By creating this Swag Bag and filling it with practical memorabilia, Wayne was able to propagate the Sprig brand beyond the tournament and carry it into countless future golf games.  Sprig was extremely happy and received numerous positive comments from all the participants during and after the event.