Sprig Swag

Sprig, an electric design company started in 1970, looking for swag that could be used for their company’s “Friday Fundays”.  They wanted to get some ideas, to touch and feel some various items to select a few that would work for their company so they arranged a tour of our Swag Studio here at BrandVia.

After narrowing the options,  Sprig decided they wanted a t-shirt that could be worn by anyone, independent of their position in the company. Once the right shirt was picked out, and a few art ideas sketched, the project was turned over to our design team who worked to create a vintage aesthetic to reflect the company’s experience.

This piece was added to Sprig’s microsite, where their team members are rewarded with quarterly gifts to show the company’s appreciation and enable the staff to show off the brand pride in the latest in Sprig gear.

In addition to the “Friday Funday” shirt, Sprig recently looking for some summer items to fit into their summer microsite collection which hosts eight items; from picnic blankets and water bottles for summer to jackets in the winter, this camo cooler bag keeps a similar aesthetic and color scheme to the shirt capturing the Spring brand.