The Road Ahead

To help attract new customers, connect with existing ones, and drive business to our sales force, our team of creatives developed a 3-part direct mail campaign. Each mailing consisted of a custom-designed kitted suitcase that was branded to fit our theme of “The Road Ahead” – our representation of moving forward and finding our way in what then became “the new normal”.


The first suitcase was loaded with items to keep recipients engaged while working at their desk, wherever that may be. From a travel cup to a snack cube, and a collection of desk-related items there was something everyone could put to use.

Our sales team was able to not only spark new relationships but also reignite past relationships. We received great feedback and are happy to say that each delivery came as a sweet surprise. Whether it’s a prospecting campaign, a thoughtful welcome back gift, or a recognition initiative for the ones who matter to you, think of the BrandVia team when getting started on your next project.

Two weeks later, we shared a second suitcase, packed with mindful, self-care items to help recipients sit back and reflect on their journey. It included a door hanger to support quiet time, a beanie for snuggling up, and a journal and pen to help with reflection.

Lastly, the third and final suitcase was sent with products to get recipients going – a great tote, a baseball cap, and a Bluetooth® key finder.