Towering Over The Competition

The Opportunity:

NVIDIA was looking for a truly special gift for VIP attendees at their Supercomputing 2018 conference. The gift needed to be customized,  unique and targeted to the technically-inclined end users.

The Proposal:

After researching the attendee demographic, considering budget, and the timing, our team proposed an interactive gift that attendees could enjoy over again after the conference.  The gift would mimic one of their proprietary OEM products, the Volta Tensor Core, and would be engaging, functional and unique to the event’s attendees.

The Outcome:

We delivered a building block “tower” game; custom colored, laser logoed and packaged to reflect the client’s proprietary product.  The packaging alone took a few revisions in order to properly showcase the blocks inside.  The exact colors, number of blocks, and levels were used to create the connection to their new product.  Each block inside was laser engraved with the clients’ logo.  The end result is that the recipients were blown away with the finished product and the attendees were delighted to receive and take home this gift. The client and attendees are already looking forward to seeing what we do next year.