Travel Time to Dream Time

With a team of 100 people spread around the world, our client with Google came looking for a gift to be valued and appreciated by her team who were often in the air.

The convertible Tumi packable jacket/neck pillow was the sure winner – providing a much appreciated travel pillow for those long-haul flights and at the same time, a quality, compact lightweight jacket for when they touched down in some chillier locales. Taking advantage of our experience in global logistics, and saving our client potential headaches, we also arranged for these gifts to be delivered across the 26 countries these team members called home.

As with most gifts of appreciation, a subtle Google “G” decoration was just the right touch to make these remote individuals feel like part of the greater team without making them feel like they were walking billboards. It is an art to be able to gift a branded piece and have it convey the feeling that gifts should bestow on their recipients – the feeling of heartfelt appreciation and gratitude.