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A Virtual Event
Survival Kit

The Google Cloud iX team came to us for a high level recognition project that not only required delivery in the United States but all over the world. Google wanted to ensure their team felt appreciated during an upcoming event and gifted them a Virtual Event “Survival” Kit that arrived in the safety and comfort of their recipients’ homes.
In order to keep things simple for our client, and make the timeline, we empowered them with an online shop – this gave their recipients a sneak peek of what they’d be receiving at the same time as collecting their current and preferred ship-to address.
As Google prefers to use recycled products, we opted to include Timbuk2’s Eco-Parkside Backpack, made from plastic bottles, available exclusively at BrandVia. In this kit, we included an 18 piece multi-tool, a notebook for doodling, as well as a puzzle set for team members to put together during the live event. In the end, our talented fulfillment team assembled these virtual event “survival” kits and got them safely to each and every home.