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Reaching the Hard to Reach

Reaching the Hard to Reach

As a technology innovator, we’ve long had the ability to reach out and engage through technology.  Many of our clients has leveraged such a tool for onsite events over the years, deploying them in person at Cisco, Salesforce and Oracle events. As these events move to the virtual domain our technology has been here to capture that same excitement, without being face to face.

Days filled with back to back video calls have created a new chaotic world in what many of us initially thought would be a more serene and focused workday. HA!   With colleagues, suppliers and family vying for our attention, it’s of no surprise that getting us to be 100% present is high on the list of challenges for HR and Sales teams alike.  Check out some examples of recent projects here.

Enter our virtual engagement tool – during your next prospecting campaign, consider adding a ‘click here to play’ button in that email outreach.  Inviting prospects to spin to win, scratch to win, or watch a video about your offering and win.   Prizes can range for digital downloads to gift kits and combinations of same.  Our tool allows you to cap your financial investment while still capturing data and increasing online engagement.

Decoder April 2020Not looking to engage new prospects?  Engaging internal teams more your thing?  Consider adding a text to win during your next call, as you feel people’s attention waining, asking them to text the answer to your next question to a # and first X people win a prize, or get X points in a program you are already running.    How we built it is limited only by imagination…

Check out some examples of recent projects here and see how they chose to make the most of our virtual engagement tool.