Spring Trend Kit

Spring Trend Kit

At BrandVia, we strive to keep your finger on the pulse of corporate gifting and corporate trends. The psychology of color is affecting more and more industries every day. Red, a color that represents brave, bold, and empowering emotions, is being utilized in volunteering and give back initiatives across the globe, from The Salvation Army to the (RED) foundation. We believe in investing in our future and the notion that, when you are outwardly conscious of your impact on others, you better the world around you. With our Spring Trend Kit, we wanted to highlight this cultural shift in corporate responsibility. When we work together, we all thrive.

Miir WideMouth Insulated Travel Tumbler

16 oz.

Miir is Patagonia’s chosen drinkware company.  Every MiiR product funds a giving project and includes a Give Code, a powerful tool that allows you to track your money and connects you to giving.  Become part of the Product to Project™ movement by purchasing a Miir product and allowing your client to register their Give Code and see their impact firsthand.



Bamboo is a fast-growing, renewable, and easy-to-grow resource.  It is an extremely versatile material with countless uses.  70 hectares of bamboo produces enough material to build 1000 houses.  In fact, over one billion people in the world live in bamboo houses today.  In addition to housing, bamboo can also be utilized to create roads, bridges, medicine, clothing, food, fuel, scaffolding, furniture, textiles, paper, utensils, and more.

Go #plasticfree with a Bamboo Cutlery Set

A recent study in the San Francisco Bay Area found that food and beverage packaging made up 67 % of all litter on the streets.
A survey by four major environmental groups determined that plastic utensils ranked among the 10 most common trash items found in California.

Our partner creates products made from 100% premium rPET (recycled plastics).  They also teach and empower students to value and sustain their natural world. For every one of their products sold, a meaningful contribution is made directly to their sister K-12 non-profit environmental literacy project.

Sustainable Apparel Coalition  

As one of our premier apparel partners, the mission of SanMar’s responsible sourcing program is to promote team member well-being, support vibrant communities and reduce the environmental impact. SanMar is a leader in corporate social responsibility; building a  new biomass facility in Honduras, the global communities they empower, their sustainable sourcing initiatives to name just a few.  They are a company to watch and support.


By recycling our existing product and opting to purchase recycled product, we turn used materials into new products, reduce the need to consume resources, lessen the burden on our landfills and oceans.

Recycling reduces the need for extracting; mining, quarrying and logging, allowing more natural landscape to remain untouched as we try to tread more gently on the planet.

More Than Just Coffee 

Big House Beans Specialty Coffee Roasters not only sources and roasts the best coffee out there, but seeks to provide opportunities to anyone who has a vision for their future and a drive to put in the hard work.  Whether it’s the second chance given to the people they employ after being incarcerated, the beans they source from female growers in Guatemala, or the new hope for a safe home in the long-term Contra Costa County women’s shelter, Big House Beans brews more than just coffee.

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