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The Clean Slate

The Clean Slate

2023 is around the corner and there is nothing more representative of a fresh start than a New Year – whichever calendar you follow.  

The New Year brings renewed hope, we see it in the rise of fitness gear sales, increased enrollment in diet programs, and renewed popularity in budgeting software – and as people plan for their best year ahead – businesses are doing the same.

What can you improve at work next year?  

  • More focus
  • Designing your work day with fewer interruptions
  • Blocking out time for the most important things
  • Being more present on calls and meetings
  • Feeling better prepared
  • Managing deadlines better
  • Taking on less
  • Improved resource planning
  • Expressing your appreciation
  • Taking time to listen

After 2 years we have ramped back up with all the distractions, emails, calls, appointments, and juggling of schedules. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that people are finding it hard to focus on their priorities among all the noise. Listen to ourselves, our teammates, and the organizations with whom we work. 

As we look ahead at ’23 with all the hope and dreams, perhaps we might consider getting off the ‘treadmill’ and into a quiet room where we can focus on hearing and seeing each other – that is the greatest gift we can give after all – the gift of recognition.