Travel Essentials for 2020

The holiday season is in full swing; chalk full of festivities, food and the frenzy of friends, near and far.  While we love the holidays, we would all agree that if possible, we’d forgo the travel scene with its congestion, misplaced bags, and that loss of sleep over all the things we need to accomplish before we get to take a break.  So whether it’s for you or the team of travelers that work for you, here are our select travel essentials to help relieve some of the travel turmoil.


First up; ReboundTag. First introduced by BrandVia in 2017, this product is the first luggage tag enabled with RFID, NFC and QR capabilities and is approved by airlines worldwide for checked luggage. In addition to its tech, ReboundTag includes a unique serial number allowing travelers to log in, securely register, and encode their personal contact information to their tag. This tag gets updated with your travel itinerary when checked by most major airlines.  So even if that destination tag falls off your bag, IATA can tell them where it was headed. ReboundTag travelers maintain their privacy, increase safety, and reduce the threat of identity theft, all while being able to quickly reconnect with their bag. Just in time for the holidays, ReboungTag is currently on sale at $24.95 each, normally $31.95 at the minimum quantity of 20 pieces, only if you order by Dec 19th, 2019.

New this season, we are very excited about the ingenious GoSleep travel system.

Whether it’s a long-haul flight or a road trip, this travel essential is ideal for everyone on the move.  Don’t mistake this for your everyday eye-mask and pillow – the patented GoSleep mask wraps around the headrest or seat back to cradle your head and prevent that terrible head bob we’ve all experienced, all while  blocking out unnecessary light. Made from memory foam, the pillow allows for ultimate comfort to get that sleep you need while traveling by plane, train or automobile.


You can’t travel these days without your own source of power, one of our current faves is the Powertrip wireless, or if wireless isn’t your thing, we like the Powertrek that includes its own built-in tuck-away cables. These large capacity 10,000 mA chargers are sure to keep your devices powered up, long after you have run out of steam.

Lastly, we can’t leave out the newest line available, Timbuk2, for their look and their longevity.  Whether it’s for travel, work, or fashion, this line of  quality bag designs with attention to detail is perfect for your team’s next adventure, near or far.

Need well thought-out gifts this season that show your team just how much you appreciate what they do?  At BrandVia, we practice the art of corporate gifting so put one of our artists to work for your team today.