What are good business gifts?

Good giveaways are those that are appreciated; either for their inventiveness, intelligent messaging, usefulness and/or humor. Despite what many may believe, “cheap and cheerful” can also be impactful when it carries a memorable message – so while perceived value may play an important role in certain types of business gifting; in other situations, message is more important than perceived value.

  • i.e., the laptop sticker: many a laptop has fallen prey to stickers;
    perceived value $0 while number of impressions is in the thousands
  • However, used at the wrong time with the wrong person, that same sticker might end up in the trash.

All this to say that just like Holiday gifts, business gifting is very subjective. One needs to know who is getting the gift, how you want them to feel about the giver, what’s the expected outcome and for the detailed giver, how it’s going to be packaged and presented to ensure it demonstrates thoughtfulness.

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