Why Swag?

If you have swagger, you have a presence, a style, a vibe about you. If you were a business, we’d say it’s the organization’s persona. Like people, we believe every organization has its unique persona and so our business gifts or giveaways are designed to reflect just that – your corporate persona. When done right, we call it SWAG.

With our experience we have seen all sorts of promotional products, decorated all sorts of ways, packaged, printed, shipped, hand delivered…we live to push the envelope.

We work with marketing people whose bosses didn’t have time to think about it, salespeople whose companies don’t have marketing people to deal with it, VP’s who never thought about how their firm was doing it… Anyway, you slice it – if you are interested in intelligent swag that carries more than your logo – we won’t let you down.

Get your brand and message heard by trusting us to provide you with wise product recommendations and intelligent messaging to reach your target and achieve bottom-line impact.

Well-done promotional products have the unique ability to build relationships with staff, prospective employees, vendors, customers, and consumers.
Did you know that over 83% of consumers will recall an advertiser after receiving a business gift? (Research conducted by PPAI and fielded through MarketTools, Inc.)